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Satisfaction Guarantee and Return Policy

We are committed to excellence in our products and want you to be satisfied with your cover.

Stock designs

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

We have a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee for all covers that are stock designs. If there is an issue with your cover within 30 days of your purchase date, contact Bob’s Original LLC to discuss the issue and how we can correct it. If there is an issue with the fit, we will accept back your unused and unaltered cover and will take action to modify the cover to fit properly or will refund you the cost you paid for the cover.

If the issue is a result of our error, we will pay for the shipping to return your cover. If you are otherwise dissatisfied with your cover and there has not been an error on the order made by Bob’s Original LLC, you will be asked to cover the shipping cost to return your cover.

After 30 days

On the 31st day after your purchase and any time following, we will accept returns of unused and unaltered stock covers with a $35 restocking fee. We will ask that you pay for the shipping cost to return your cover after 30 days have passed.

New custom designs

If you have submitted a custom measure sheet for a new design for a custom cover, we cannot offer a full refund if there are issues with the fit of the cover. In the event that the new custom design doesn’t fit properly, please contact Bob’s Originals LLC to discuss the issue and we will decide together how to solve the problem so you have a cover that meets your needs.

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