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Universal Fender CoverUniversal Fender CoverUniversal Fender Cover

Universal Fender Cover

$149.95$199.95 plus tax

If you have more than one car you’re looking to get covered, our universal cover is a great option for you. It comes in 3 pieces that Velcro together around the engine compartment.


  • This size is for smaller vehicles years 1950-current with typical hoods
  • Will fit around your engine compartment with these opening sizes:
    Across the front 23”-38”, Along the back 23”-38”, Front to back 34”-40”.


  • This is our most popular universal size.  It will fit both cars and trucks years 1950-current with typical hoods.  For example, it will fit a ’65 Mustang AND a 2013 Silverado pickup.
  • Will fit around your engine compartment with these opening sizes:
    Across the front 24”-41”, Along the back 31”-48”, Front to back 36”-41”

Bonus Bag!

All of our universal covers automatically come with a free Fender Cover Bag to keep your cover safe from dust and garage grime.


Product Description

Bob's Original Fabric Cutaway
Premium style:

  • Superior protection
  • Ultra soft microfiber and recycled cotton
  • Thickest and softest cover style

Standard style:

  • Excellent and economical protection
  • Soft polyester and recycled cotton

universal-nelsen-68-buick-skylark“Love this fender cover.  Can’t imagine using a standard fender cover ever again.”
Nelsen – ’68 Buick Skylark


“The two we ordered for the shop were universal fit [covers] which I absolutely LOVE! I have found them to fit every single car that we’ve used them on with easy modifications using the Velcro strips. We have used them on several make/model muscle cars, ’40-’60’s pickup trucks, and even my personal ’73 Corvette!”
Andrea – With Motorheads Performance