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Custom Fender Coverreverse-hood-chevy-custom-fender-coverCustom Fender Cover

Chevy Custom Fender Cover

$139.95$209.95 plus tax

These custom covers are tailored specifically to your model and year of Chevy. Bob has worked with measurements for hundreds of Chevy cars and trucks to get each fender cover just right.

P.S. – Don’t tell the others, but Bob is a Chevy guy. He invented these covers to protect the Butternut Yellow paint on his ’68 Camaro. He’s also owned and raced some cool Chevys in his day. Check out his racing ’61 Corvette or his ’63 Corvette Stingray.

The custom cover is one piece.  It fits down over the hood and rests easy on top of the engine compartment.  The corners are secured snugly with Velcro to complete the fit.  It takes barely any time to put on, and it’ll never fall off!  Of course, there are no magnets or hardware that could potentially damage your paint over time.

Bonus Bag!
Our Premium Style custom covers come with a free Fender Cover Bag to keep your cover safe from dust and garage grime.

Need Modifications To Your Cover?

Have an antenna location that might impact your cover?  Made custom changes to your car?  You might need modifications made to your cover. Click here for more info, or give us a call.


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If you cannot find your specific year and model combination, Bob will design a cover for you at no additional cost!
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SKU: Chevy Custom Fender Cover

Product Description

Bob's Original Fabric Cutaway
Premium style:

  • Superior protection
  • Ultra soft microfiber and recycled cotton
  • Thickest and softest cover style
  • Comes with a free Fender Cover Bag to keep your cover safe from dust and garage grime

Standard style:

  • Excellent and economical protection
  • Soft polyester and recycled cotton

pat-68-camaro-z28“Fender cover fits well and gives comfort that paint will be protected. Restored 69 z28 likes that.”
Pat – ’69 Camaro z28


dave-in-san-bernardino-69-camaro“As I worked on my muscle car for many years, recently at a car show I came across Bob’s Original Fender Covers and picked one up. I’ve used it to protect my paint job as I’m working on it adding more bolt-on high performance parts. I will always use this to protect and prevent damage to my hotrod and I highly recommend this for any vehicle you work on.”
Dave – ’69 Camaro


randy in PA 68 el camino“I’m very happy with my new car cover, the fit is perfect.”
Randy – ’68 El Camino


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