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Bob's Original Fender Covers


This is an existing, profitable business. I created my patented fender covers in 2015. I have been building up a base of customers and distributors here in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Sweden, and Australia.

My original design is a custom made ultra-soft microfiber material that goes completely around the engine compartment and cannot fall off. Let me say that again, you don't have to move it again, it cannot fall off the car. I don't use magnets, or clips of any kind.

I also manufacture a 3-piece adjustable cover, they are used if someone has more than one vehicle or is in a restoration shop environment.

Just in the short period of my existence, I have got the attention of Jay Leno. Jay saw my covers and invited me to his "Jay Leno's Garage" to film a video of my covers and appear on the NBC program, Jay Leno's Garage.

My covers are in use at Graveyard Carz, Mr. Norms, Counting Cars, BRG Racing, Hot Rod Magazine, Car Craft, Hemmings. In catalogs like Classic Industries, OPGI and Ames Performance.

My health has forced me to look for a partner. I am willing to give up 70-80% of my business to the right person.  Someone that can manufacture and market my product. Asking price 1 1/2 times last three years gross. I will entertain all ideas.

Please reply, in confidence, to 
Bob Baker
(916) 712-1725