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About Bob's Original Fender Covers

Fender Protection You Can Count On

One piece

Bob’s Original™ Fender Covers accelerate your fender protection to the next level, while making your life so much easier.

The covers surround your hood with only one piece, and protect 360 degrees around the engine compartment.

Protect that pricey paint job from tools, parts, or “helpful” neighbors’ belt buckles!


Thick and easy to install

Our covers are much thicker than most fender covers and use no magnets, straps, or metal clips.

The cover just rests on your fenders with no risky hardware. It will never fall off your vehicle and you can install the fender cover in 30 seconds or less.


Made to last

Our covers are rugged and durable and will last for years!

We take great care in the quality of each cover, and they are all manufactured in the USA for best performance.

We ship to you directly from Sacramento, CA, where Bob’s Original™ products are manufactured for quality performance.

How the Custom Cover Works

Choose Your Fit: Universal or Custom

We have two types of covers to fit your needs.

Bob's Original Premium Fender Cover

Custom Fit

Bob himself designs each custom-fit cover for specific models of cars and trucks. If he hasn’t designed for your model yet, Bob is happy to tailor a new fender cover to suit your measurements!

  • Only one piece of fabric
  • Super fast and easy to install
  • Custom tailored to your make, model, and year
  • Patented D724519

universal cover

Universal Covers

These adjustable covers are a perfect answer if you have multiple vehicles to cover.

  • Three pieces of fabric with Velcro to adjust to the size of your hood opening
  • Made to fit any car from 1950 – present
  • For installation instructions, click here.
  • Patented D723449