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What is the Auto Fender Bib?

Before we rebranded as Bob’s Original™ Fender Covers, our product was known as an Auto Fender Bib by Bob Baker, LTD. It’s the same product now as it was then. We are just continuing to perfect our designs and quality.

Why won’t the fender cover fall off?

It is one piece that goes completely over the hood and around the engine compartment of your car. We like to call it 360 degrees of protection.

Do you have one to fit my car?

Yes, we will make one for any car or truck from 1950 – present. If we do not have one designed already, all we need are the measurements to make one for you. Click here to search for your car, or click here to request a new cover.

Will it fit more than one car?

Bob’s Original™ Fender Covers are custom fit for each make and model. We suggest considering our universal covers if you are looking for it to fit more than one vehicle.

How is it cleaned?

Please dry clean only. The covers are not designed for washing machines.

I have 2 or 3 different cars, do you have a universal cover?

Yes! We have two options for universal covers, one covering small-midsize vehicles, and one covering midsize-large vehicles. Using one of these covers, you can cover any car or truck you come across made after 1950. (We also have a 3rd option for reverse-hood Corvettes.)

My hood is a lift off hood, how would that work?

Simply wrap the Bob’s Original™ Fender Cover around your hood pins on all four corners.

My hood opens forward, will it fit my car?

Yes. Since the covers are made for each specific model, if your vehicle has a reverse hood, the cover was designed for that.

I don’t see my car on your list, can you make one for my car?

Yes! Just submit a Request for a custom cover and we will see what it will take to make one for your car or truck.

Do you make them yourself, Bob?

Bob spends time with each template for each model to perfect the custom design. We partner with a US manufacturer in Sacramento, CA for the industrial sewing. Bob works directly with the workers sewing each cover to make sure it is just the way he likes it!

Can I close my hood while the cover is on?

No, at this point our fender covers are not designed for this.

What’s your return policy?

We have a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, contact us and we will either make it right or give you a refund of the cost of the cover.