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360° of Fender Protection that Won’t Fall Off

No magnets or hardware • Made in the USA

Our custom fender covers are made to perfectly fit your car's make and model like a protective, padded glove.

With over 100 customized designs for cars and trucks made from 1950 to the present, you know you're in good hands.

Our universal fender covers have three pieces that Velcro together to adjust for different engine compartment sizes.

Perfect for when you’ve got more than one car you’d like to keep protected while you work on it.

My 3 Favorite Features

From Bob - founder


It cannot fall off. I just want to be able to put on a protective fender cover and forget about it while I work on my car.


The material is thick and soft. I never felt like the thinner fender covers were protecting my paint enough. These covers are twice as thick as traditional covers.


It's made just for my car. I really appreciate that these covers are designed specifically for my year, make, and model. It's so nice to have that attention to detail.


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